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Get Fire Help

Fire_Threatens_Home.jpgWildfire is the single most dangerous feature of living and working in the beautiful Sierras.  With its wonderful Mediterranean climate, California is subjected to prolonged drought each and every year.  As a result, our sweeping grasslands and thick forests quickly become tinder dry fuels during our sunny summers.  Any spark -- a carelessly tossed cigarette, a forgotten campfire, an accidental house fire, an auto accident, a chain saw or road grader hitting a rock, or a bird flying into a powerline -- can quickly rush out of control. Living with this constant fire danger means that fire preparedness and fire prevention is not just the responsibility of emergency response agencies, it is everyone's responsibility.

The Fire Safe Council has a number of popular services and programs to help Nevada County residents prepare for wildfire.

Defensible Space Advisory Program

Well trained volunteers are available to work with individual residents to assess the fire safety of their homes and property, and provide expert guidance to assist them in developing sound landscape management plans to reduce wildfire hazards.

Chipping Program

Low cost chipping of brush and urban wood helps residents reduce brush piles to mulch for easy disposal.

Special Needs Assistance Program

Brush cutting and removal services are provided to senior citizens or disabled persons who physically can no longer work on defensible space, and cannot afford to contract commercial services.

Green Waste Pickup Program

Partnerships with neighborhoods help provide periodic local sites where individuals can bring yard waste for free pickup.

Insurance Verification Program

Well trained fire mitigation experts can work with individuals to verify that Defensible Space development meets California State requirements for insurance purposes. This is a fee based program.

Scotch Broom Challenge

The Fire Safe Council provide coordination with local citizen groups to help reduce the spread of a highly invasive and highly flammable weed.

Special Firewise Equipment Sales

The Fire Safe Council has available a number of fire safety items for direct sale to the public including: fire resistant tarps, night glow street address signs, and other items to help make your home safer. All profits go toward support of the Fire Safe Council.

Community Fire Safe Projects and Programs

In addition to services directed at individual residents, the Fire Safe Council has a number of community directed efforts, supported by various grant programs, that help improve the fire safety of neighborhoods. These include: