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Defensible Space Advisory Visit

Defensible Space Advisory Visit

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This program provides one-on-one consultation and advice at your home setting for comprehensive education on compliance with Public Resource Code 4291 – the law that requires defensible space around structures. PRC 4291 was expanded in 2005 from 30 feet to 100 feet of clearance.

With increased promotion of defensible space, many people were confused and had difficulty understanding what needed to be accomplished. The council implemented a volunteer advisory program with formal training by CAL FIRE and local resources to provide an advisory visit that mirrored a compliance inspection without the threat of enforcement.

The program blossomed and the idea of getting neighbors and friends who may be embarrassed by the condition of their property to a hosted event at a nearby residence. This is similar to a “Tupperware” party in that the host invites people to learn about the concept of defensible space while comfortable in knowing that no one will be pointing out deficiencies on their property.

This has been a very powerful mechanism to gain support in communities as well as incite action as a whole with neighbors helping neighbors to improve the fire safe condition throughout the neighborhood.

Defensible Space Information

Lake of the Pines Defensible Space Advisory Visit Demonstration

CAL FIRE Inspects for Defensible Space Video