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Defensible Space Verification Service

This service provides an independent, third party verification of your defensible space for your homeowner's insurance company or escrow transaction.

The Defensible Space Insurance Verification program is our only fee per service program and a charge of $100 plus mileage per visit (round trip from our office) is required.

Our goal is for you to pass on the first visit. Before an appointment is set up, a check list on the requirements that the property must meet is reviewed over the phone.

A visit is scheduled when you feel you are able to pass on the first visit. During the visit, the property is examined and documentation photographs of the condition are taken in order to provide a clearance letter. 

An additional visit fee will be requested to schedule the follow-up visit if needed. Clearance certification will be provided to the insurance company upon payment.

Defensible Space Verification Service Brochure

If you are experiencing difficulties or challenges with your homeowners insurance and would like to file a complaint, please visit the California Department of Insurance (CDI)