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Get Fire Smart

Nevada County is a beautiful slice of California stretching from the Sierra foothills above Marysville and Auburn, into the high Sierras, across the Donner Summit, to Truckee. The beautiful landscape varies from Oak grasslands in the lowest altitudes, through mixed oak and conifer forests, on to high altitude conifer forests. The topology varies from rolling hills, to steep canyons and ridges, on up to heavily forested mountain slopes.  Over 80% of this wonderful landscape has been designated a High Fire Danger Zone by the California Department of Forest and Fire Protection (CalFire).  

Historically, Nevada County has been ravaged by large and frequent wildfires. All residents need to understand this danger, and be prepared for the certainty that wildfires will occur again.

One major goal at the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County is to help residents be prepared for the next wildfire.  In this section, you will find discussions concerning the things that you can do to help you, and those you love, survive that wildfire.

Emergency Preparedness and Evacuation Planning 

Prepare Early and Leave Early

What you can personally do to ensure that you and your family survive a wildfire. Including important local numbers, Local Emergency Services, Emergency Preparedness Guide, Evacuation Planning, Emergency Notification System, links and documents for additional information on Emergency preparedness.

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Structure Maintenance for Fire Protection

What you can do to make your home more fire resistant.

Defensible Space

What you can do around your home to help firefighters protect your home from wildfire. Includes Firewise Landscaping.

Firewise Saftey Tips & Information

Community Preparedness

What you can do in your community to make your neighborhood safe.

Kids Education and Fun