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Join AirMedCare Network under the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County group name and save!

For those living in rural America, recovery can depend on how much time it takes to be transported to emergency medical treatment.  An air ambulance can cut that transportation time in half.  Nevada County has no local medical trauma center, and life threatening injuries need air ambulance services to regional care facilities.

The Fire Safe Council of Nevada County has negotiated a group discount to help you prepare for emergencies as part of our mission. You may purchase a year membership to AirMedCare Network for only $55 by joining through the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County's group.  

To learn more about AirMedCare, visit their website, or download the membership application.

EXCITING NEWS!  AirMedCare Network, the membership program for local air ambulance providers CALSTAR and REACH Air Medical Services, recently added an additional 52 bases to the network, which includes six bases on Hawaiian islands and six bases in Alaska.   Bringing the network to 320 bases in 38 US states and one base in Puerto Rico.  AirMedCare Network has the largest network of air ambulances in California and in the United States!

The Fire Safe Council of Nevada County has entered into an agreement with AirMedCare Network offering the membership program at the discounted rate of $55 per year/per household.   Medical emergencies can happen at any time.   Air ambulances play a vital role in transporting critically ill and trauma patients from the scene to the appropriate hospital.  Air ambulances also transport critical patients from hospitals to hospitals for definitive care, and your doctor can request an AirMedCare Network air ambulance program provide the air medical transport.

JOIN TODAY!   One flight may cost tens of thousands of dollars and may not be covered in full by your medical plan.  AirMedCare Network members receive no out of pocket expenses for air medical care and transport provided by our network of providers.  For a listing of your local bases please read the attached flyer.  AirMedCare members receive a welcome packet which includes membership cards and vehicle decals.  For a complete listing of bases in the United States visit www.amcnrep.com.

Phone Enrollment:  Sonja Conklin at 530-648-6455

On-Line Enrollment:   www.amcnrep.com 

Discount Code  9555-CA-BUS

Local Rep Track Code 13818


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