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Banner Mountain Homeowners Association

Firewise Community

Banner Mountain is located on a ridge above Nevada City in the Nevada County foothills, with elevations ranging from approximately 2,900 feet around Nevada City to about 3,900 feet at the summit of Banner Mountain. The community is surrounded mostly by private property, with Tahoe National Forest making up part of the eastern boundary of the association. There are three main creeks that flow off of Banner Mountain: Little Deer, Little Clipper, and Wolf Creek. The terrain within the Firewise Planning area (Banner Mountain HOA) is very diverse. There are areas that contain very steep slopes, while others are very gentle in nature. The weather here is moderate, with distinct variations among seasons. It has a typical Mediterranean Climate with cold wet winters and hot dry summers. Summer temperatures average between 75-95 degrees F, while winter temperatures average between 36-55 degrees F. Annual rainfall is approximately 54 inches. Banner Mountain can accumulate several feet of snow as part of the annual precipitation.