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  The Fire Safe Council of Nevada County

Presented A

Free 2012 Firewise Living Tour

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Noon - 4 p.m.

Thank you to all of you that joined us on the 2012 Firewise Living tour that was held on Saturday, February 18, 2012. You can download information on each of the sites on the tour on the right side of this page. As the tour was only a one day event please do not trespass or disturb the homeowners.

Wildfire is the number one natural hazard in Nevada County. Insurance companies are requiring homeowners to meet the requirements of the state law PRC 4291 for defensible space to retain coverage.

Firewise living is more than just defensible space around your home.  Being Firewise includes considerations such as good access to your property, a home that is shielded from ember intrusion and living in harmony with the natural environment we live in.

Many homeowners are confused and believe that meeting the PRC 4291 requirement and being Firewise means that all vegetation within 100 feet must be removed from around thier home, this is simply not true. Effective defensible space should be aesthetically pleasing, support wildlife while mitigating the wildfire hazard. 

Defensible space is a confusing concept to relate through words or diagrams. The Firewise Living Tour allows the community to view various examples of effective defensible space in the our community and honor those who have worked so hard to find a balance between fire safety and ecosystem health. 

The eight homes featured on the tour provide a wide variety of examples of Firewise living.  Home settings vary from an oak woodland, to chaparral and mixed conifer forest.  Information sheets will be available at the different sites and include additional education on topics relating to each site such as wildlife habitat, fire construction retrofitting, hydrology and forestry.

 Visit any or all of the eight featured sites on this free self-guided tour. We hope you will enjoy your day touring some of the best examples of Firewise living in western Nevada County!






Download the Firewise Living tour guide & map

Tour guides & maps will also be avaliable at each of the eight sites the day of the event.

Click here for a Google map with driving directions