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Biomass Feasibility Study

Nevada County Biomass Task Force (NCBTF) Steering Committee consists of representatives from the community that are interested in promoting forest and community health using biomass in an ecological sustainable manner while advancing job creation and economic revitalization.  To accomplish this goal we are interested in the potential for siting a small scale sustainable community bioenergy facility in Western Nevada County. 

This is an initial effort to complete a feasibility assessment to develop and rank site locations, assess woody biomass supply, estimate costs associated with harvest, collection, processing, transport and utilization of forest biomass feed stocks within the target study area, and recommend suitable utilization technology that will provide information to assist later in creation of a financial business plan.

The NCBTF is motivated to:

• Encourage and implement local conservation-based fuel reduction programs to protect the people and communities of Western Nevada County from the threat of fire.

• Improve local and regional air quality by finding alternative uses for woody biomass material that would normally be open-burned, which adversely impacts air quality.

• Provide an alternative forest biomass disposal opportunity for homeowners and land managers that are conducting sustainable fuels reduction/forest restoration/forest harvest activities in the region.

• Support renewable energy development thus diversifying local power generation and providing opportunities to efficiently utilize waste material (wood waste) for co-generation of both power and heat.

• Provide employment opportunities in the form of sustainable living wage jobs.