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Fire Safe Community Partnerships

The Fire Safe Council is a non-profit, local volunteer organization dedicated to making Nevada County safer from catastrophic wildfire through fire prevention education, fire break clearing projects and creating Firewise Communities.  A majority of our funding is provided through grants, which require a dollar for dollar match in order to implement our programs at no cost to the community.  Please consider becoming a Fire Safe Champion for our cause as wildfire affects everyone and can devastate our natural environment we all treasure so dearly. 

Please help us in thanking our partners below!



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FIRE SAFE PARTNER ($1,000-$2,499)

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FIRE SAFE FRIEND ($500-$999)
Alstrand, Nancy
Alta Sierra Property Owner's Association
Anderson, Robert
Avery, Inger
Beckenbach, Ed & Sharon
Beesley, Peter
Bost, Crawford
Bryars, Ray
Burns, David
Busard, Ray & Cheri
Calvillo, Fayrene
Chambers, Keith
CHY Company
Cunningham, Nancy
Dorland, Barry
Fox, Jill
Greater Cement Hill Neighborhood Association
Hanson, David
Hoyt, Virginia
Jacob, Victor
Johnson, Elizabeth
Kenmawr Nevada City LLC
Kremple, Jeff
Lincoln Engineering
Lorini, Thomas & Victoria
Martin, Robyn
Nevada County Fire Chief's Association
North Star House Conservancy
Patterson Fire Equipment
Reeder, Vicky
Robinson, Tim & Becky
Scott Fielder, Attorney at Law
Sivila, Mike & Mary
State Farm Insurance, Mike Bratton, Agent
Steinmann, James & Janet
Sykes, Lois
Taylor, John
Taylor, Louise
The Gazebo Land & Road Maintenance Association
The Setzer Foundation
Tim the Tree Man 

FIRE SAFE FAN ($250-$499)
Ackerman, Tim
Ahrens, Ted & Holly
Amick, Susan
Archbald, Greg
Armstrong, Terry
August, Paul & Muriel
Bard, David
Booth, Paul
Brenan, Robert
Brunnenmeyer, Dennis
Buck Mountain Road Association
Clampitt, Martin
Clarabut, Tony & Susan
Dewitt, Duane & Anne
Donaldson, Janaia
English Mountain Ranch
Eubanks, Steve
Fire Access Road Association
Frantz, William & Geni
French, Rich & Lisa
Friends of Banner Mountain
Garrod, Glen
Gitchel, Sam
Gossar, Kim
Greenwood, Ed & Jackie
Gulserian, John
Hagerty, Daniel
Hall, Jon & Helene
Hammond, Elizabeth
Harrison, Ken & Mary
Hervey, Jacqueline & Morris
Hiner, George
Joe Benigno Tree Service Inc.
Johnson, Linda
Jorgenson, Eric & Frances
Juhl, William
Knaus, Ron
Knowledge Systems Design, Inc.
Kober, Ron
Konvalin, Ginger
Korbin, Una
Lang, Lawrence
Leaf It To Me
Lewis, Michael
Lindauer, Marilyn
Loobey, Andy
Lovere, Ramona
Maier, George & Dale
Marvin, Lawrence
Miller, Dan
Miners Foundry
Mountain Lakes Estates Homeowner's Association
Palmer, John
PArkhurst, Peter
Puphal, Bruce & Carol
Ringen, Don
Robbins, Erin
Schlosser, Dan
Shoemaker, Steven
Sierra Central Credit Union
Sierra Land Improvements, Inc.
Smith, Marita & Alan
Snow, Darryl
Spurgeon, Sandra & Lance
Tribble, Patrick
Umpleby, Amy & Tom
USAA Insurance
Vardara, Phillip

Fire Safe Fan $100-$499

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Fire Safe Friend $500-$999

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Fire Safe Partner $1,000-$2,499

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Fire Safe Program Sponsor $2,500+

Logo listed on Fire Safe Council Website 

Logo listing in Fire Safe Council Annual Report 

Press release to regional media on partnership 

Program material logo recognition:


Firewise Communities

Defensible Space Advisory Program

Kids Education Program

Prepare for Fire Season Guide

Seasonal Educational Emails

Radio Talk Show Opportunities