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The NFL Alumni Association and the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County would like to thank the sponsors and donors of the recent Red Zone Affair for their generous support in helping make the event a success.

$250 Fiesta Bowl Sponsors
ACE B&C Hardware
Douglas Valentine, DDS
Jeff Peach
Double Diamond Fabrication
Maureen Protiva
Andrew Wilkinson
Hansen Brothers Enterprises
Cascade Shores Homeowners Association
Donn and Lisa Thane
Greater Cement Hill Firewise Community

$500 Orange Bowl Sponsors
Don Adams Dish Satellite
Sierra Land Improvement
Byers Leaf Guard
Ron and Marsha Foster
Ray Morgan and Company
The Goat Works
Matthew Enright
Matt Furtado
Matt Kelley
Michael Meisner
Buckley Armacher
Tri Counties Bank
River Valley Community Bank
Don Prairie Land Clearing
Mike Bratton
1849 Brewing Company
Virginia Lukkes

$1000 Sugar Bowl Sponsors
John Paye, Sr.
Mark Paye, DDS
Placer Title Company
Millennium Planning and Engineering
You Bet Firewise Community
Leonard Ely
Tiffany Scott

John Paye, Jr.
John Paye, Sr.
Kathleen Snyder
A to Z Hardware
Marsha Foster
Auto Plaza
Ray Byers
Tripp Body Shop
Plaza Tire and Auto
Mark Paye, DDS
Alan Doerr
Warren Knox
Peter and Susan Williams
Bill Cavanaugh
Steve and Nancy Eubanks