Board of Directors and Committee Documents

May 2023 BOD Agenda.pdf

March 2023 BOD Agenda .pdf

February 2023 BOD Agenda.pdf

January 2023 BOD Agenda.pdf

January 2023 BOD Packet.pdf

January 2023 Executive Finance Agenda.pdf

November 2022 BOD Agenda.pdf

November 2022 BOD Packet.pdf

November 2022 Executive Finance Agenda.pdf

October 2022 BOD Packet.pdf

October 2022 BOD Agenda.pdf

October 2022 Executive Finance Agenda.pdf

Grand Jury Response Letter.pdf

Grand Jury Response.pdf

September 2022 BOD Packet.pdf

September 2022 BOD Agenda.pdf

September 2022 Executive Finance Agenda.pdf

August 2022 BOD Packet.pdf

August 2022 BOD Agenda.pdf

August 2022 Executive Finance Agenda.pdf

July - No meetings

June 2022 FSC BOD Packet.pdf

June 2022 FSC BoD Agenda.pdf

June 2022 Executive Finance Agenda .pdf

April 2022  FSC BOD Packet.pdf

April 2022 FSC BOD Agenda.pdf

April 2022 Executive Finance Agenda.pdf

March 2022 FSC BOD Binder.pdf

March 2022 FSC BOD Agenda.pdf

March 2022 Executive Finance Agenda.pdf

February 2022 BOD Packet.pdf

February 2022 FSC BOD Agenda.pdf

February 2022 Executive Finance Agenda.pdf

January 2022 FSC BOD Packet.pdf

January 2022 FSC BOD Agenda.pdf

January 2022 Executive Finance Agenda.pdf

December has no meetings

November 2021 FSC BOD Packet.pdf

November 2021 FSC BOD Agenda.pdf

November 2021 Executive Finance Agenda.pdf

October 2021 BOD Packet.pdf

October 2021 FSC BOD Agenda.pdf

October 2021Executive Finance Agenda.pdf

September 2021 BOD Packet.pdf

September 2021 BOD Agenda.pdf

September 2021 Executive Finance Agenda.pdf

August 2021 BOD Packet.pdf

August 2021 BOD Agenda.pdf

August 2021 Executive Finance Agenda.pdf

July 2021 BOD Agenda.pdf

June 2021 BOD Packet.pdf

June 2021 BOD Agenda.pdf

June 2021  Executive Finance Agenda.pdf

May 2021 BOD Packet.pdf

May 2021 BOD Agenda.pdf

May 2021 Special Session Executive Finance Agenda.pdf.pdf

May 2021 Executive Finance Agenda.pdf

April 2021 BOD  Packet.pdf

April 2021 BOD Agenda.pdf

April 2021 Executive Finance Agenda.pdf

March 2021 BOD Packet.pdf

March 2021BOD Agenda.pdf

March 2021 Executive Finance Meeting Agenda.pdf

February 2021 BOD Packet.pdf

February 2021 BOD Agenda.pdf

February 2021 Executive Finance Meeting Agenda.pdf

January 2021 BOD Packet.pdf

January 2021 BOD  Agenda .pdf

January 2021 Executive Finance Meeting Agenda.pdf

December has no meeting

November 2020 BOD Packet.pdf

November 2020 BOD Agenda.pdf
November 2020 Executive Finance Meeting Agenda.pdf

October 2020 BOD Packet.pdf

October 2020 BOD Agenda.pdf

October 2020 Executive Committee Special Meeting Agenda .pdf

October 2020 Executive-Finance Meeting Agenda.pdf

September 2020 Board Board Packet.pdf

September 2020 BOD Agenda.pdf

September 2020 Executive-Finance Meeting Agenda.pdf

August 2020 Board Packet.pdf

August 2020 BOD Agenda.pdf

August 2020 Executive-Finance Meeting Agenda.pdf

July has no meeting

June 2020 Board Packet.pdf

June 2020 BOD Agenda.pdf

June 2020 Executive-Finance Meeting Agenda b.pdf

June 2020 Executive-Finance Meeting Agenda Postponed.pdf

May 2020 Board Packet.pdf

May 2020 BOD Agenda.pdf

May 2020 Executive-Finance Meeting Agenda .pdf

April 2020 Board Packet.pdf

April 2020 BOD Agenda.pdf

April 2020 Executive-Finance Meeting Agenda.pdf

March 2020 Board Packet (Canceled due to COVID-19)

March 2020 BOD Agenda (Canceled due to COVID-19)

March 2020 Executive-Finance Meeting Agenda.pdf

February 2020 BOD Retreat Agenda.pdf

January 2020 BOD Meeting Agenda.pdf

January 2020 Board Packet.pdf

January 2020 Executive-Finance Meeting Agenda.pdf

November 2019 BOD Meeting Agenda.pdf

November 2019 Board Packet.pdf

November 2019 Executive-Finance Agenda.pdf

October 2019 BOD Meeting Agenda.pdf

October 2019 Board Packet - Meeting postponed last minute due to PSPS see Nov.

October 2019 Executive-Finance Meeting Agenda.pdf

September 2019 BOD Meeting Agenda.pdf

September 2019 Board Packet.pdf

September 2019 Executive-Finance Committee Agenda.pdf

August 2019 BOD Meeting Agenda.pdf

August 2019 Board Packet.pdf

August 2019 Executive-Finance Committee Agenda.pdf

June 2019 BOD Meeting Agenda.pdf

June 2019 Board Packet.pdf

June 2019 Executive-Finance Committee Agenda.pdf

May 2019 BOD Meeting Agenda.pdf

May 2019 BOD Packet.pdf

May 2019 Executive Committee Agenda.pdf

April 2019 BOD Meeting Agenda.pdf

April 2019 Board Packet.pdf


FSCNC Special Audit 2021.pdf

FSCNC 2018-2019 Audited Financial Statement 2019.pdf

FSCNC 2017-2018 Audited Financial Statement.pdf