Austin was born and raised in Northern Arizona, where his appreciation for land management began. Having lived and explored the outdoors in many Southwest and West Coast places, he landed in the Sierra foothills in 2018. Falling in love with the area, Austin took a job with the US Forest Service in Tahoe National Forest for three years, building trails and gaining some fire experience on ride-along assignments with the Tahoe fire crews. By learning how to cut trails and fire lines with chainsaws and hand tools and running heavy machinery, he acquired professional skills to help manage the fuels in the Sierra. In early 2022, he began work with Fire Safe Council of Nevada County as a Sawyer Supervisor, learning as much as possible about fuel management and defensible space clearing. He works as a Field Supervisor for the Forest Health grant on Tahoe National Forest land.

Austin enjoys climbing, camping, and dual sport motorcycle riding outside of work.