Jamie Jones

Jamie Jones, Executive Director of the Fire Safe Council of Nevada County, is a native of Nevada City, California. Jamie holds degrees in Computer Information Systems, Business Management, and Accounting. After fifteen years’ experience in creating financial plans, training and operational programs, and managing corporate expansion for national brands in diverse markets, she returned to Nevada County with her family. 

In addition to professional accomplishments, Jamie also gave back to the community by managing the local little league program for 5 years and remains active in other youth programs. 

Her experience as an NASM Certified Personal Trainer, with a specialty in adaptive exercise for injury and disability, prepared her well for a remarkable recovery from injuries resulting from a devastating head-on collision with a wrong-way drunk driver. This passion for recovery and safety drives her commitment to community outreach when discussing wildfire prevention and preparedness. 

Jamie’s diverse background has provided a rich field of experience and perspectives to draw from, and are foundational to her unique vantage point, leadership style, and adaptability to differing organizational structures.