Scotch Broom Challenge

Scotch Broom ChallengeScotch_Broom_Picture_from_Brochure_14.png

Local groups and agencies are teaming up to encourage local landowners, businesses, organizations, agencies, and basically anyone who is affected by the invasion of Scotch broom, to start physically removing the plant.  We hope to help educate and get people motivated in the region to combat this invasive weed. The Fire Safe Council of Nevada County has several weed wrenches to loan out for individual use, or team use, to help you remove this invasive species:

FILLABLE Weed Wrench Loan Program Forms.pdf

If you would like to suggest or host a site for an upcoming challenge, or would like to participate in a Scotch Broom Challenge please contact contact us via our website. 

What’s the fuss about?

Scotch broom (Cytisus scoparius) is a highly aggressive, non-native, invasive weed species.  It was introduced to the United States as an ornamental and as packing material for cases of whiskey and beer from the British Isles, central and southern Europe.  It is now considered a pest plant by many eastern and western states.

Why is this plant considered a pest?

  • Scotch broom is highly flammable
  • Displaces native and beneficial vegetation
  • Costly in areas where forest production is impeded by its growth
  • Forms dense stands which impede movement of wildlife, livestock, and degrades wildlife habitat
  • Plants in excess quantity can be toxic to humans, horses, and livestock
  • Scotch broom usually reproduces by seed, and rarely reproduce vegetatively
  • Seeds can live in the seedbank for over 80 years!
  • One shrub can produce thousands of seeds (up to 15,000) after two years of growth
  • Seeds can be transported over long distances by animals, humans, water, and vehicles
  • Scotch broom can tolerate a wide range of environmental and soil conditions