Volunteer For The Fire Safe Council of Nevada County

The Fire Safe Council of Nevada County relies on volunteers to give their time, energy and talents to our cause for the benefit our community.  Many of our programs would simply not be possible without volunteers.  Volunteers make a meaningful contribution to the lives of others while gaining personal satisfaction and learning more about forestry, wildfire and community outreach. Training is provided when necessary. 

OFFICE/CLERICAL:  Data entry, filing, desktop publishing, packet compilation, fundraising mailings, electronic scanning.

:  Help educate your neighbors about effective defensible space, emergency access, and building products designed to withstand fire brands. Sign Up for our Two-day training course to become a certified advisor.

SCOTCH BROOM CHALLENGE:  Coordinate a neighborhood Scotch broom removal.  Scotch broom is a highly flammable ladder fuel which is also invasive and chokes out other native vegetation.  It is a VERY high fire danger and should be eradicated within defensible space and evacuation routes for public safety.

Green Waste Disposal Sites: Help us manage our Green Waste Disposal sites by signing up for shifts during our Green Waste Collection Events! 

ACCESS AND FUNCTIONAL NEEDS PROGRAM (AFN):   Help a low-income senior or physically disabled person with their defensible space.  It may be raking leaves, limbing-up branches of trees, placing an address sign, or burning green waste.  Many community service groups work this program to serve those in need. Contact us for more information.

PUBLIC EVENTS:  The Nevada County Fair, Home & Garden Show and parades are a good example of public events that we need help staffing.  General knowledge of the council's programs and a positive attitude are all that is required to help.

FUNDRAISING:  Our organization is continually working on raising funds for our mission.  We need help to organize and support our fundraising events. 

For more information on any of these programs and how you can help please fill out our  Contact Us form.